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The information provided here is meant to introduce some basic concepts I deal with routinely in my research. Additional useful details are found in the following popular books on the respective topics. 


"Optics" by E. Hecht, and K Guardino.

"Fundamentals of Photonics" by B. E. A. Saleh, and M. C. Teich.

"Field Guide to Polarization" by E. Collett.

"Polarized Light" by D. H. Goldstein

"Field Guide to Geometrical Optics" by J. E. Greivenkamp

"Introduction to Lens Design: With Practical Zemax Examples" by J. M. Geary

Solid State Physics:

"Fundamentals of Solid-State Lighting" by V. K. Khanna

"Physics of Semiconductor Devices" by S. M. Sze

Liquid Crystals:

"Liquid Crystals" by S. Chandrasekhar.

"Optics of Liquid Crystal Displays" by P. Yeh, and C. Gu.

"The Static and Dynamic Continuum Theory of Liquid Crystals" by I. W. Stewart.

Miscallaenous Topics:

The Handbook on Diffraction Gratings from Newport is a pretty good online resource.

"Introduction to Microdisplays" by D. Armitage has good information on projection displays in general.

"Fundamentals of Physics" by R. Resnick, D. Halliday, and J. Walker. This book is an all time favorite. 

"Problems in General Physics" by I. E. Irodov. This in amazing book to get a grasp on fundamental physics concepts. Needs advanced math concepts.

"Plane Trigonometry" by S. L. Loney. A classic book on trigonometry available for free from google.

"The Elements of Coordinate Geometry" by S. L. Loney. Another classic book for geometry. Also free from google.